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Hey there - many thanks for stopping by!

We are a rock group physically located in Bangalore, India, but this website allows us to be a rock group located anywhere in the world. :)

Feel free to explore around, download our songs, look at our pictures, meet the band. And write to us - tell us what you think about the site, our music, the weather, or whatever else comes to your mind. We LOVE hearing from people!


 Phenom's last gig[Tue, 9th June 2009] 
Well, July 29th, 2006 (about three years ago) we did our last gig - in a school! :) And what a gig it was! Here 's some video of the show. Enjoy!

 The "Linux Can!" Story[Sat, 25th August 2007] 
Here it is - the story behind "Linux Can!"

Took some time putting together, but it is finally done.

Yenjoy Maadi! :D

 Now on![Tue, 3rd July 2007] 
Better late than never! :)

Phenom songs are now available on LAST.FM for your listening pleasure. Just go to this page, and hit "Play".

And of course, as more people listen to our work, the higher we rise in the the charts.

Do you need more hints? :)

 Processor Love! :)[Sat, 23rd June 2007] 
For the past few weeks, we have been noticing tons of traffic hitting our site, and were wondering what was happening. Lots of people downloading our songs, fan mail coming in (love ya guys!)...

Then we found out why - AMD has released a new processor which they called the "Phenom", and the media picked this up, did some research, discovered us, and started linking back to us! See here and here for samples. :)

Thanks for the link-love, guys. And tune into RadioVeRVe to hear us and other great independent bands do what they do best!

 Small video clip[Sun, 23rd April 2006] 
Want to experience two minutes of unadulterated Phenom stage power? Check out this video clip of us performing the tail end of "Unbound" at RadioCity Live 2005. It has Mark's famous "Unbound Holler" in it!

Enjoy, and let us know if you would like to see more clips of this sort.

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